About Us

Carol Dorian

Carol Dorian is a psychic visionary healer with the ability to locate and assist the removal of stagnant unwanted energy that one may be retaining in the aura due to past lives hereditary spiritual DNA from unreleased pain and Trauma from the present lifetime by using her natural born gifts and abilities to see the Aura with her study of pranic healing and Crystal healing Carol is able to locate and diagnose the cause of these Energy retention’s helping and guiding her clients to the total release of all unwanted retention’s her gift and abilities are also sensitive to voice vibrations therefore she is able to advise clients by phone with 23 years experience Carol spiritually advises on all matters of life weather pertaining to spiritual release or questions regarding love Health finance and all matters of the heart and spirit. READ MORE…

Susanne Evans

Susanne Evans is a psychic intuitive healer as well as a licensed Reiki Master she has the ability to see the aura and feel the flow of chakra vibrations she specializes in vibrational sound healing and past life regression work with 12 years experience Susanne’s work has assisted her clients in discovering their path and purpose as well as releasing resistance addictions depression anxiety and hoarding disorder through her guided meditation sessions combined with individually customized mantras Susanne will help you access your own healing ability Susanne has a natural hereditary psychic ability she is a fourth generation psychic and visionary healer she has expanded her gift abilities tools and methods through five years of study with metaphysical teacher and healer Rami Gupta. READ MORE




Justice Welling

Justice Welling is a psychic energy healer, as well as a psychic love counselor. Who has the ability to identify soulmates. She covers many areas of life, however, her specialty is relationship and reconnecting people to their soulmates.  She taps into the source of energy that needs to be released in order to reach fulfillment in this lifetime. With fifteen years of experience Justice has assisted her clients in discovering their heart Chakra  In order to achieve the highest level of divine love, purpose and intimacy.