soleThis reading will provide information such as who is your soulmate what your soulmate is thinking and feeling in connection to you what challenges you will face with one another and what solutions are possible to overcome your challenges your reading will provide insight and clarity to the connection and outcome of your relationship.




stairs-lightThis reading covers love finance family health as well as answering these questions and more: where is my love relationship going? when will I find my soulmate? will I be able to reunite? can I trust my partner?what is the right career path for me? when will I have self happiness and fulfillment? what is stopping me from achieving my goals? what is to come for my family members? your full life reading will answer these questions and much more.




quantumA chakra reading is a meditative reading where you will receive a guided meditation taking you through all seven of your chakras Allowing the reader to pick up the vibrational frequency’s and functions of each chakra this reading will provide insight and clarity to how your chakras are functioning if there are any residual experiences emotions fears or doubts that are blocking the functionality of energy in each specific portion of the chakra system causing unwanted stagnant energy in one or more areas of your life this reading Will also provide information on which of your chakras are your strongest point and healthiest in which Energy can be enhanced and transferred to weaker chakras as well as transferring the positive effect of your healthy chakras and to your every day life.



QuantumPastyThis reading will provide information of how many lifetimes you have lived any energy, lessons or unresolved matters that may be related to the present lifetime affecting your purpose path or outcome find out who you were when and where you lived as well as how it shapes and forms the present lifetime.