Spiritual diagnostics with Carol Dorian and Susanne Evans.

A variety of spiritual services are available such as psychic readings voice vibration readings one on one meditation classes by phone or in person as well as many other services whether your interest is a psychic reading or as deep as a diagnostic service that will identify locate and remove energy that is contradictive to your path of wholeness we have the service and results you are seeking.


Providing answers and Clarity assisting my listeners in identifying the origin of unwanted emotional and spiritual retentions that may be blocking one or more areas of their life or causing unwanted repetitive patterns in relationships career health or setting and achieving goals

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We all have the ability to heal and evolve the answers we seek are within us we are the key holders to every door of opportunity transformation and desired manifestation every Quest is conquered by love and light.

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Assisting clients as a catalyst to access their own gifts and abilities to heal and evolve guiding clients to the total release of all unwanted spiritual and emotional retention's providing answers and Clarity to questions regarding love Health finance and all matters of the heart and spirit.

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